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Be Seen, Be Heard, Get Paid What You’re Worth

By David Roylance  

What if there was nothing dimming your light? What if everyone else could see your worth? What if whenever you talked, people sat up and listened?


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From Invisible To Superstar

Women are more likely to do a job that’s above them, without being paid for it.

Women are more likely to be dismissed, ignored or disregarded when they speak.

Women are more likely to hear their own words repeated by a man, who will then be congratulated for it.

A lot of virtue signalling and posturing goes on around equal opportunities, but not a lot of action. Take control of your career path and your life, today.

You pay only £9.97 for postage and packaging in the UK

Who can benefit?

This book is for any woman who:

 Wants to take charge of the impact they create
 Wants to provide more value in their role or business
 Wants to create influence, even when they’re not in the room
 Wants to be the best version of themselves, right now
 Wants to get paid what they’re truly worth
This book will help you earn £100,000 (or more) a year, whether you own a business or want to achieve more in your corporate role.

About the author

David Roylance

Bestselling author David Roylance is Europe’s leading smasher of glass ceilings. He has been empowering women in the workplace to achieve what they’re worth for over a decade.

Having trained with the world’s best mentors from the worlds of voice, neuro linguistics and entrepreneurship, David’s superpower is connecting women with their worth and helping them project it to the world.

He has spent time with Patsy Rodenburg (who is widely credited with teaching Barack Obama to have stage presence), Ian McDermott ‘the king of NLP from an ethical standpoint’, and internationally-renowned award-winning entrepreneurs, international investors, speakers, trainers and mentors Kane and Alessia Minkus, who showed him how to resonate at a level that changes the world – a journey he has since continued with the UK’s number one business mentors, Chris and Karene Lambert-Gorwyn.

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You pay only £9.97 for postage and packaging in the UK

What people are saying


“David is a world-class voice and performance coach. I was amazed at how quickly I could change the way I express myself in front of an audience to create impact. David’s practical advice was crucial in making those changes tangible and achievable. I thoroughly recommend working with David if you are thinking of improving the way you present yourself and develop your career.”

Enca Martin-Rendon

CEO, Director and Founder of EMRIS Ltd, Senior Consultant at Baehl Innovation and Williamson Biotech Solutions, President of Oxford Speakers

“When I met David I was struggling to be heard and struggling to navigate myself into a director’s role in the NHS. Working with David was highly rewarding. We worked on the tone of my voice meaning I had a huge presence in a room. I became more confident, applied for a director’s role and got it. That is the role I am in now. I am hugely indebted to David and I think I am probably his number 1 fan!”

Debra Monckton

Director of Communities,
Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust.

“This programme has been transformational for me. In a year characterised by change, I have been shown how to be grateful for the challenging experiences and turn my energy towards my goals and future. Developing techniques that allow me to be more present in a room, I have a renewed energy in my own ability and greater confidence, whatever the situation. I cannot thank David Roylance and his team enough for this gift.”

Head of Client Programme Delivery

FTSE 250 Financial Services Firm

Be Seen, Be Heard, Get Paid What You’re Worth…

…helps women in business between the ages of 35 and 55 Stand Up, Get Noticed, Be in Charge of Their Career Path and Increase Their Salary by £10,000 a year… or more.

Once you’ve got everything you feel you can from it, feel free to share it around so that it can help somebody else too. Spread the love – it comes back around.

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You pay only £9.97 for postage and packaging in the UK

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